Monday, December 31, 2012

System for Decision Making to Save USA

Triggered by the fact of current inefficient gridlock meetings in federal government, which caused negative results to our country, I’m thinking about the critical help that government really need: a smart system to help the leadership functioning appropriately and to make better decisions.

Here is my witness and envision of the leadership style evolution:
1.      Domination (command and control): this is what used to be, still exist in some place. It’s characterized by strong leadership, and is handicapped by the limitation of the individual.

2.      Collaboration (current trend): influenced by an Internet connected flat world. It’s good for consensus building and in balancing the interests of multiple parties, but is handicapped by inefficient arguments, due to the bias and different interests and knowledge of different parties.

3.      Collaboration with the involvement of smart systems (envisioning). A Smart Government Decision Supporting System, which can be toned up and configured based on business/political rules and situation input, so to eliminate the negative effects caused from human irrational reaction and gridlock discussion, due to human tend to have local optimized thinking (e.g. an organization, a party, a controllable territory, etc.), so that other information, relationships, and consequence may get ignored, which could cause “global disaster”. This smart system is to help “global optimization”.
We need system solutions not only for doing the government operational work, but also for helping the government thinking process and decision making. We need to build a system based on US political structure and decision making process to help the people on the Hill, with much better information processing capabilities than human being there. It can also be considered as a partial system implementation for government enterprise architecture.
Best Wishes for a New Year with a better start!!!

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