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The ArchiTech Consulting LLC is an expert enterprise and business architecture firm with resource on demand. It provides consulting, R&D, and training services to digital enabled enterprise and business. With highly qualified subject matter experts, it aims at achieving optimal business performance by creating innovative and suitable solutions to support efficient decision making and to reduce system complexity and cost.

A successful enterprise, like a landmark construction, possesses its uniqueness and value. It needs to be well architected to be successful, where its architect makes difference. 
The original architecture definition by Sir Henry Watton states: “In architecture as in all other operative arts, the end must direct the operation. The end is to build well. Well building has three conditions: Commodity, Firmness and Delight”. This definition is applicable to enterprise architecture as well: enterprise architecture is a operative art, the architectural products must direct the effective enterprise operations
  • Commodity: The architectural products should serve all its relevant audience and stakeholders, should be consistent and understandable by them (e.g. via multiple views)
  • Firmness: The architectural products should be solid and practicable enough for implementation
  • Delight: The architectural products have to be well appreciated and accepted to be adopted and be effective in implementation
We strongly believe that enterprise architecture needs target vision as its soul, and needs core concepts as the art of creation, instead of result from engineering production process based on certain frameworks and tools, though the frameworks and tools can be helpful. The talent of architects make difference, while the discipline of architecture skills can be trained, and the engineering processes are the steps follow. 


It is increasingly crucial for enterprise, organizations, programs, system of systems to have viable architectures due to the increased correlation and complexity in our Internet connected world, which is also associated with service orientation, cloud computing, collaborative networking, and the evolving role that IT plays inside business.

The traditional organization stovepipes with localized ad hoc decisions lead to a “random architecture” across organizations, with role and responsibility confusion, duplicated efforts and costs, disjoint implementations, and compromised efficiency, which create puzzles across organizations and hindered business performances. We are here to help a cohesive architecture creation with well thought of intention and purpose, which will consider the evolving business and technology environment and landscape, and lead the way for common service and cloud computing adoption with effectiveness.
We’ll help our client to assess current state, identify and create the target vision and views with innovative solutions where appropriate, and present a cohesive picture across organizations, so to enable a common vision and informative decision making. We are experienced in creating right level of conceptualization and abstraction that can be understood by different types of stakeholders for execution. Also, we can help in creating reference architectures for overall guidance. We intend to balance the centralized guidance and governance from top-down with the flexible federated architecture development efforts from bottom-up, so to be both disciplined and productive in organic growth.
  • Enterprise and Inter-Enterprise Architectures
  • Strategic Planning and Performance Management
  • Shared Services, SOA and Cloud Computing 
  • Enterprise Solution, System, and Software Architectures
  • Enterprise System Modernization
  • Big Data and Knowledge Management
  • New Generation IT Operating Model
  • Advanced Analytics and Business Decision Support
  • Lifecycle Management and Governance
We have demonstrated thought leadership and creativity, with focus on creative architectures, R&D, and strategies for business in structure and performance optimization with appropriate technology adoptions and engineering. We work on the core architecture for enterprises, solutions, and systems, which consists of vision, discipline, creativity, strategies, technologies, and executable roadmap. We aim at unique architecture in each case to fit the specific business proposition, mission, and environment. Our architecture work will help to position IT efficiently into business structure, function, and operational environment. Make architecture understandable to all relevant parties and stakeholders.

Our invaluable assets are the insight and creativity, depth and breadth of knowledge, broad and balanced experience across academia, corporate research, industries, and consulting services, as well as disciplined architecture and R&D skills.

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