Sunday, November 11, 2012

Enterprise Architecture for the United State of America

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an enterprise blueprint with descriptions of enterprise vision, structure, and operation models.

To have a long-term plan, a blueprint, and a roadmap for a country is as important as we need one for an enterprise. A country is like an enterprise entity in a bigger scale, which also needs a common vision, cohesive top-down guidance, and effective governance structure and process to make sure the vision, goals, and objectives can be achieved and the execution is heading to the right direction. Therefore, a country also needs an “EA”. This could be an ingredient of socialism, if yes be it. As I discussed in a previous blog article “The Road of Moderation”, the correct choice is usually in the middle between extremes. For a social system, it should be between extreme capitalism and extreme socialism. The most effective and efficient way is likely the convergence from the two. This is about the balance of the top-down guidance, planning, governance, and coordination with the freedom of organic growth from bottom-up.  We can see that USA and China are converging from different directions to an optimized model that suites each. I’m looking forward to the development, and maintain optimistic for the motion.