Friday, October 30, 2015

Foundation-Based Approach for Digital Business Transformation

Big changes are going on towards digital enterprise and business. Businesses and governments are adopting shared services and cloud computing, which implies a paradigm shift in how digital transformation and IT can impact business opportunities, performance, processes, and organization dynamics.  Businesses increasingly rely upon IT to achieve its goals and to implement its strategies. With technologies and products of many generations, and with stove-piped implementations, current IT complexity is growing faster than ever in replying to the required changes, integrations, and transformations. IT costs are increasing exponentially.  Enterprise architecture, SOA, and Cloud Computing are aimed at meeting these challenges. We proposed a Foundation-Based Approach with an Enterprise Foundation Framework© to provide a cohesive practice in EA, SOA, and Cloud Computing. This solution is essential in providing a disciplined manner to achieve the modernization and evolution objectives for digital and IT enables businesses.

For instance, it would be helpful to have an Enterprise Architecture in place during cloud computing adoption and digital transformation. While cloud computing may be over stated with its indirect influences during the hype, it is a practical implementation mechanism for Service Oriented Infrastructure, which is a subset for Service Oriented Architecture adoption.  Business advantages are gained mainly via shared services in many different ways.