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1. Yan Zhao, "Cloud Computing Model with Service Oriented Architecture", Open Group Conference, July 2013 (presentation slides) New!
2. Yan Zhao, "Enterprise Architecture vs. Collection of Architectures in Enterprise", Open Group Conference, July 2012 (presentation slides)
3. Yan Zhao, "Inter-Enterprise Architecture" , Open Group Conference 2011 (presentation slides)
4. Yan zhao, "Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture and Service Oriented Enterprise", Open Group Conference 2009 (presentation slides)
5. Yan Zhao, "Enterprise Architecture and SOA: A Partnership", IASA Enterprise Architecture - A 20 Year Retrospective, 2007 (paper)
6. Yan Zhao, "Service Oriented Infrastructure Framework", IEEE SOA Summit, 2008 (abstract)
7. Yan Zhao, "Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture", IASA, 2007 (presentation slides)
8. Yan Zhao, "Let’s Complete Each Other: EA and SOA", Enterprise Architect Summit 2007(presentation slides)
9. Yan Zhao, "Architecture Description Really Matters", Sponsored by IASA and Microsoft, 2006 (paper)
10. Yan Zhao, Enterprise Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture, Service Oriented Infrastructure, and Service Orinted Enterprise (collection of published papers and presentation slides)

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