Friday, January 27, 2012

A Different Perspective for Information and Data Management

Information and data management is getting more challenging these days, with the velocity of data we are producing and the tendency of increased data production. However, I think the key for the solution is beyond information and data management. It is about how and what data should be collected.

I still remembered the raw data collection from web sites for data preservation. The amount of data growing makes me wonder even we can store them, how we can catch up in processing them to make them meaningful, e.g. to transform the data into information, let alone transform information into useful knowledge. If data processing speeds continue lag behind data collection speeds, the data collected will not be useful, but add burden to the slow process. If more meaningless data involved, it’ll add more burden to the process. Therefore, we need to improve the data collection process, to collect the data with purpose, e.g. a Service Oriented Data Collection and Management Process, and collect the data cleanly.