Saturday, August 6, 2011

SOA as a Real Case in China

Just came back from China. I have visited several cities that have newly developed “high-tech gardens” in them, e.g. Shanghai, Su Zhou, Wuxi, Changshu, Luoyang … … Those high-tech gardens are quite modern, usually built in a new part of a city combined with a city development plan for the new areas. There is a combination of working and living areas in these new developments, where I saw the real good cases for SOA, i.e. service sharing and resource sharing, especially in infrastructure establishment. The concept of Inter-Enterprise Architecture (IEA) does apply as well, though they have executed partially without knowing what IEA is.
Also, it demonstrated that the strong government position make such service sharing happen, which established a governance body above each individual enterprises or companies.

Is this a good reference?