Service Offering from ArchiTech Group LLC

We currently focus on maximizing business value from the adoption of the new paradigm digital enterprise and IT model enabled by Shared Services, Cloud Computing, and Big Data with major efforts across strategies, architectures, solutions, and technologies. We shape the endeavors towards a cohesive direction, using a Foundation-Based Approach with an Foundation-Based Framework© as guidance.

An updated service portfolio can be downloaded here.

Enterprise Architecture:  Enterprise architecture across business, applications, data, and infrastructure, with customized mechanisms and innovative approaches based on insight, knowledge, best practice, frameworks, methodologies, and tools.

Inter-Enterprise Architecture: Inter-enterprise architecture creation for client organizations, big or small. Address evolving business environment and landscape, and address cross-organizational impact of service orientation, cloud computing, social networking, and collaboration environment. Identify challenges, transition mechanisms, technical solutions, and roadmap.

Strategic Planning and Performance Management: Provide the full scope of services in IT strategic planning, with performance measurement integration. We have established practice mechanisms and comprehensive components and models for options.

Enterprise Systems Modernization: Our Enterprise System Modernization service is to help organizations in developing solutions, systems, and applications to close the gaps between bottom-up system modernization efforts and top-down EA endeavors. It includes architectures, solutions, processes, and transformation roadmap for system of systems and applications within enterprise, to support associated portfolios, initiatives, programs and projects, and to enhance the adoption of lifecycles. Provide layered architectural structure from top-down EA guidance to bottom-up implementation.

Cloud Computing Solutions: Selectable cloud adoption models for public, private, virtual private, hybrid, and community cloud. Transition to Software as a Service for customer selected application domains and business environment; it includes multi-tenant software and data architectures and solutions, and evolution into Platform as a Service. Also, we provide services in current state assessment, implementation guidance, and transition roadmap.

Enterprise Service Strategy and SOA: Identification of the service sub-domains and shared services inside enterprise. Provide help on enterprise service planning, process mapping, architecture specification, service implementation and operation strategies.

New Generation IT Management and Service Oriented Infrastructure: Best practice and innovative solutions in effective IT management (with ITIL reference). Applying cloud computing in the context of Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI), with architectural guidance, impact analysis, and alternative options for enterprise infrastructure solutions. 

Big Data Solutions, Knowledge Management, and Business Decision Support:  We transform data to information, and transform information to knowledge to support business decision making. We also offer a cohesive data management approach for knowledge, information and data with the help from EA.

We offer Internet based consulting and training services as well. Please make appointment first through the Contact Us page. We accept online payment for the service arranged.