Friday, January 28, 2011

Inter-Enterprise Architecture

I'll give a presentation in Open Group Conference, San Diego:

This presentation will introduce the notion of Inter-Enterprise Architecture, as a response to the growing trend of service collaboration and social networking. The public cloud provides technical means for businesses to achieve inter-enterprise service sharing and collaborations. Also, we can see the forming trend in the enterprise adoption of social networking platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc. However, the dynamic nature of collaborations and the autonomy of current enterprise structure, culture, and operation environment create challenges. It is necessary to explore how business should be architected to take advantage from these collaborative environments, since it is becoming essential for business to be agile and collaborative across organization boundaries.

This presentation will discuss the possible subjects for the Inter-Enterprise Architecture to address. Also, it will discuss the impacts to enterprises from public cloud and social networking media. It will also discuss the challenges, the possible transitions, and examples.