Friday, December 14, 2012

Enterprise Mobile Strategies and Solutions

In post PC era, we live in a world with great mobility facilitated by smart phones, tablets, laptop, etc. with wireless connections. We are living in a big Cyber Human Social System now, thanks to Internet. The impacts from this ecosystem to our lives are tremendous, across both of our work life and personal life; actually the line is merging between the two.

Some of my thoughts regarding to enterprise mobile strategies and solutions are summarized as the following:

Enterprise Culture Transformation: the mobility provides people with lots freedom, so that self-management is necessary. This means more self-motivation, result-orientation, and performance-driven are required. The effective talent recognition and resource management should evolve to suit this trend as well.

Enterprise Structure Transformation: Due to the connections people have via Internet, the correlation of their work, and information systems interoperation across organizations, the suitable business structure is evolving towards flat and collaborative in nature, instead of hierarchical command and control. The new generation management style and suitable personalities should evolve as well.
Communication Mechanism Transformation: Instead of having face-to-face communications most of time today, we can expect more communications will be conducted electronically via multi-media channels. Also, writing capability and business social media will play big roles.

Enterprise Mobile Technology Transformation: Our current popular enterprise mobile devices are laptop and BlackBerry. With the popularity of smartphone, tablet, and cloud computing, we can see the future may have a clear diverge between client and service devices. The servers need to be more powerful in handling big data and intensive computation with multi-media content, while the clients need to be light, and conveniently facilitated with work place access, not only emails and calendars, but also the office documents. The enterprise mobile devices need to have good productivity tools to let people work anytime anywhere, e.g. via SaaS on cloud. Current iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone and tablets are still good toys or good for life, but not good enough for prime time work place yet. The electronic work place synchronization cross platforms is necessary to make smart mobile devices the prime time working tools. The laptops those are not powerful enough to compete as servers, and not light enough to compete with smart mobile devices, may be replaced by tablets. Due to the popularity of Window platform and MS Office, Microsoft Window 8 may have good chance in competition, though coming late than iOS and Android.


Adam Sivell said...

Great blog, I hope to read more from you. I've also put down some thoughts on mobility Adam Sivell on Mobility

Yan Zhao, Ph.D said...

Thanks Adam. Nice to see your blog article in this topic as well. -Yan