Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thoughts during OMG Business Ecology Initiative Day

I went to the OMG Business Ecology Initiative Day yesterday, and involved in very interesting discussions. Also, there are many other OMG meetings happening in the same venue.

Here I have some thoughts:

The term of Business Ecology sounds like to address business environment not limited to inside organizational boundaries. It indeed would be more meaningful in such extended business scope, due to the collaboration environment introduced by Internet, and even more by cloud computing, common service commoditization, social networking, etc.

Also, it would be good to address the challenges in business strategies, such as the pursue of process-driven, maturity, evidence-based management that lead to high productivity and cost reduction contradicts to the culture of innovation. We can see that innovation is increasingly moving to small businesses, and being acquired by the big ones after getting mature. At the meantime, common service providers are forming another separate line of business. This is becoming an ecosystem. Businesses are more correlated than before and with more mutual dependencies as well. The Inter-Enterprise Architecture I mentioned earlier was trying to describe this picture.

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