Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Evolution associated with IPv6 in China

It seems a new development associated with IPv6 is growing rapidly in China, which is 物联网(Internet of Things). It was drafted into national plan about two years ago, as one of the five focused new strategic development areas, which are prospering. This is another concept being hyped in China now, along with Cloud Computing. The concept of "Internet of Things" was originally published by Sean Dodson in 2003 based in MIT. However, it neither works well in IPv4 environment, nor in the combination environment of IPv4 and IPv6. It'll be very interesting to see new opportunities and potential applications in this area. We should act on this now, and increase IPv6 adoption speed. The major impacts of both Cloud Computing and IPv6 are not on IT infrastructure and service operations, but the new generation applications associated with them.

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