Monday, May 12, 2014

New Training Course: Architecture for Knowledge Management

We are providing a new training course: Architecture for Knowledge Management, which provide a Structure for a Cohesive KM Mechanism with Comprehensive Knowledge Sources. The abstract follows:

Internet provides us with explosive information, and enables us to collect and distribute information conveniently as well. However, information has to be organized and be comprehended to become knowledge. For an enterprise, in addition to its information and knowledge maintained internally, public Internet provides good information sources for knowledge extraction as well. The Architecture for Knowledge Management provides a structure and operation guidance for such cohesive knowledge management mechanism with comprehensive knowledge sources.

Information can be obtained through data processing, and knowledge can be obtained through information processing. The conversion from data to information usually doesn’t need to consider the information receivers. However, the conversion from information to knowledge has to consider the knowledge receivers. Knowledge to one person can be only information to another. In other words, information is target less, while knowledge has target and beholder. Therefore, for information to become knowledge, we have to interpret them for its targeted audience. In this regards, enterprise architecture is helpful in identifying the sources and targets for knowledge management. The architecture for knowledge management covers mainly three components: 1) knowledge capture, 2) knowledge management, and 3) knowledge distribution.

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