Monday, October 7, 2013

The New Generation Leadership Model

In my previous articles, it has been discussed that the new generation enterprise structure and culture are evolving continuously towards collaboration with horizontal connections, which made easier by social media internally and externally. The influence of hierarchical structure with stovepipes and territory divide has been lessened. This fits the nature of Internet Era with connected and flattened world.

During such evolution, the leadership model should be an integral part as well. The old command and control leadership style associated with top-down hierarchical structure should be evolved towards the collaborative and motivational leadership style that suits the network structure. It is interesting to see that the new leadership style suits the nature of woman very well. Naturally, woman tends to be more collaborative, compassionate, and caring, can be better in gluing the team together and less in command and control. I'm look forward to seeing more leadership opportunities for woman. 

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