Monday, October 7, 2013

The New Generation Leadership Model

In my previous articles, it has been discussed that the new enterprise structure and culture should evolve continuously towards collaboration with horizontal connections instead of in hierarchical structure with stovepipes and territory divide. This is to fit the nature of Internet Eva with connected and flattened world. During such evolution, the leadership model should be an integral part as well. The old command and control leadership style will be lessened, and the new collaborative and motivational style will be increased. It is interesting to see that the new leadership style suits the nature of woman better than man.

It is noticeable that a happy family usually has a good leadership team, father and mother. They work well together collaboratively to lead and manage the family. How well they work together is critical for the successfulness of the family. We all know the importance of the “mom” role at home. She takes care, manages, and supports the family members. She gets respect due to her established authoritative role by doing, and that glue the family together. This model could be extended to work place as well. Yes, the new leadership model needs a balance of Yin-Yang.

Naturally, woman tends to be more collaborative and compassionate, can be better in gluing the team together, while less in command and control. The new generation leadership model is a model with “Yin-Yang” balance, i.e. the balance of male and female, as in nature. What happening in Capitol Hill is a good example in lacking of “Yin-Yang” balance. We need more woman leaders, especially in Capitol Hill!

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