Friday, June 24, 2016

Digital World, Shared Economy, and Brexit

The hottest topics of today are about Brexit, which has been viewed as British’s action against the concept of united Europe and world unity. However, the reality could be that it may enhance the pace and opportunities for UK to connect with the world with freedom in a more organic manner, which is enabled by virtual space connections. Digital revolution and shared economy will be the trend to stay, and the world will be connected with or without human bureaucracy and organizations. The world is growing to be a unity in this sense.

Shared economy and world unity are not measured by man-made structure and organizations; rather it is measured by underneath organic growth and connections. In the contrary, the looser the human imposed control, the easier for the organic growth of the underneath connections, although we should balance governance with organic growth to maintain the order of this world.

The digital economy enabled connections are evolving to connect the end points and eliminate the middle layers for efficiency and cost effectiveness (e.g. world is becoming flat), which are enabled by Internet connections, service oriented infrastructures (cloud computing is an enabler), Internet of Things (IoT), and many other technology advancements with human adoptions. This shared economy is irreversible, and is different from man-made connections via politics and bureaucratic organizations, though we need both to balance in this human world.

Also, capital is live blood for economy that flows through the vessels via digital connections, it likes water in nature, will flow to places where cost are low and have better potential for investment gains. Internet provides the pipes that enable the flow and make the flow easier across the world.

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